Our Services

Labor law

Consulting on the issues of registration of labor relations with employees, including with the management of the company;
Preparation of draft labor agreements (contracts) with company employees, assessment valid labor agreements (contracts);
Preparation of projects of various kinds of internal orders of the employer regarding personnel records management;
Consulting on temporary and permanent transfer of employees from one positions for another position;
Assistance in registration of labor relations with employees during the reorganization and liquidation of a legal entity, termination of the activities of a representative office of a foreign company;
Consulting on the establishment of individual and collective financial liability of company employees;
Проведение юридического аудита в целях приведения кадровой документации в соответствие с трудовым законодательством. Оказание юридической помощи в подготовке к возможной проверке государственными органами и защите интересов компаний в ходе проверок;
Bringing corporate (internal) policies of "international (foreign) companies in accordance with the law;
Development of optimal schemes for terminating labor relations with employees with the least risks for the employer. Legal support in the termination of labor relations with the company's management;
Preparation of documents for obtaining work permits for foreign citizens in order to carry out labor activities on the territory of Turkmenistan Support in pre-trial and judicial resolution of labor disputes.

Corporate right

Development of constituent documents of companies (charters, constituent agreements, etc.),> as well as decisions (protocols) of the founders on the creation of a company;
Registration of companies (legal entities) in authorized state bodies, as well as their registration with tax authorities and opening bank accounts;
Accreditation and prolongation of accreditation of representative offices of foreign companies in Turkmenistan, including their registration with tax authorities and opening of their bank accounts;
Obtaining accreditation cards for foreign workers hired by representative offices of foreign companies in Turkmenistan;
Development of regulations on representative offices of foreign companies, as well as preparation of powers of attorney for the head of the representative office;
Due diligence of the acquired objects - shares, stakes, property complex, underlying assets, etc.
Settlement of corporate disputes and representation of the interests of founders in court.

Contract law

Development of draft agreements:
A. supply of goods, including import-export;
B. buying and selling cars, real estate (apartments, commercial real estate) and goods;
C. lease of premises (offices, warehouses), cars, real estate (apartments, commercial real estate) and other movable property;
O. the provision of various services, including transport, legal, educational, consulting, advertising, medical and auditing services;
E. performance of various contract work, including household, construction and contract for design and survey work;
R. assignment (assignment of rights of claims), transfer of debt, debt forgiveness, loan, donation;
0. surety, pledge, compensation and other methods of securing obligations.
Development of drafts of additional agreements to existing agreements with the aim of introducing amendments and additions to them;
Legal analysis of draft contracts for their compliance with legislation, business customs, and provision of recommendations to reduce possible risks;
Representing the interests of companies during negotiations on the conclusion of contracts, amendments and additions to existing contracts;
Assistance in the settlement of disputes during the conclusion, execution, amendment and termination of contracts;
Assistance in the preparation and implementation of measures for the termination of contracts.


Legal examination of documents on the subject of the dispute, assessment of the possible success of the litigation in economic courts;
Consultation, analysis of the legal position and determination of legal grounds for applying to the economic court;
Drafting and sending claims, drafting responses to claims, negotiating with the defendant / debtor;
Gathering information about a potential defendant, assistance in collecting evidence in a dispute;
Establishing the location of the defendant / debtor and the presence of his property (real estate, car, etc.), including the presence of encumbrances on property defendant / debtor;
Preparation and filing of a statement of claim and a response to it, other procedural documents and petitions to the economic court;
Protection of interests in the arbitration court, appeal and cassation instances,
Preparation of a draft amicable agreement and its approval in an arbitration court;
Appealing judicial acts (rulings, decisions, rulings) to the arbitration court in the appellate and cassation instances. Legal support of the procedure of enforcement proceedings of judicial acts